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Friday Favorites 25


I would love to say that SNOW was a favorite from this week..but since we got a literal dusting of snow at 8pm at night, I’m just going to stick with these favorites this week. It’s been crazy at school with all the 2 hour weather delays, weather watching and hoping, cranky kids, and sick teacher. I’m more thankful for a 2 day break from the hallways filled with germs.

So what am I loving this week?

This book. The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook is so much more than a cookbook. I am working on an in-depth review. These pages are all about raising your own food. This is a dream of ours. We are looking at land to buy right now and having room for big gardens and raising some chickens is high on the checklist.

2015-02-23 07.07.50

This cup from The Universe Knows. I love bigger bistro cups anyway, but this quote really gets to me.

2015-02-26 13.30.17

See this? See that thing in the corner of our living room? Yes, the treadmill. I’m usually grouchy about a dreadmill, but it has seen more miles and has saved my sanity more in the past 4 weeks than the past year…I think. I don’t run on ice. Or run in cold when I’m already sick. I just don’t. So this TM has lived in the corner of the living room for years. I should paste a pic of Stephen right about now because I’m not sure of many men who would let a cumbersome treadmill live in a prominent spot in our house. But he doesn’t complain at all. He’s just glad to see me running.

2015-02-23 07.18.48

This quote. Truth wrapped up in truth and covered in truth.

2015-02-24 07.34.21

Decadron shots. Miracle workers for about 8 hours and then I feel like sh…snot again.

2015-02-25 02.41.42-1

How I feel most days this week.

2015-02-26 11.35.24 

Happy Friday! 

CrossFit OPEN begins tonight!
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