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CrossFit 13.1 and why I am NOT registered

No that’s not a half-marathon. That is the first WOD for the CrossFit Games of 2013.

Last night, the official first workout was announced and it’s a doozy.

Complete as many REPs as possible (AMRAP) in 17 minutes. A round is detailed below. For me, I might get some decent reps, but I would not get the prescribed weight. I do not think it is anywhere possible for me to snatch 75lbs.

On one hand, I’m glad this first workout is so tough. It validates my main reason for NOT registering even though I’m in year 3 of CrossFit.

I am very competitive with myself to the point that I will injure myself.

Case in point: This week. These are the WODS for Mond-Wed. wodwod2wod4

(I ran instead of row due to very sore arms.)

I had 3 tough days back to back and I KNEW I should have rested on Wednesday, but the workout looked great and I wanted to do it. After two days of rowing and pull-ups, my arms needed a break. Now it’s Thursday and I’m doing all I can to prevent Rhabdo in my left arm. The warning signs are there.

  • I’m losing muscle function in that arm.
  • It’s slightly swollen but only slightly so I’m hanging on to that.
  • It’s extremely sore.
  • My left leg is having trouble with muscle weakness
  • It is also swollen, extremely sore, and hot to the touch.

I’m drinking a ton of water because the 2nd day after a workout is when the body either wins or loses the battle with rhabdo. Friday is going to be the day to watch out.

I know my weaknesses in CrossFit and there are many. I know that I most likely would not have made it past 35lb snatch and I wish I was the type of person who would have been okay with that. But I am more hesitant to join a competition or race unless I am absolutely sure I have the ability to see it through, excluding sudden illness or injury. I will ignore that little voice in my head and injure myself to get as close as possible. I’ve done it on several occasions.  I wish I could have joined and done my best on 13.1 and called it a great attempt. But I’m just not made that way. I know I will most likely never get the times needed to compete in the games, but I will not enter them until I am reasonably sure I can complete the movements as prescribed. It’s the same with running. I know I’ll never be the fastest, but when I enter a race, I must be able to complete the distance or I will risk long term injury to cross the line. I don’t know how to make that decision to quit now and run tomorrow or cross the line and be in therapy for 6 months. I just don’t have that “off switch” I need to make those decisions.

What this year’s games has done is motivate me to get that unassisted pull-up, conquer the stupid fear of the box, pile on the weight, and finally get a double under. As my weight has decreased, I even have dreams of the handstand push-ups.

So even though I am not “officially” competing in the CrossFit games, I will do my best at this workout on Sunday. Neither the burpees or the thrusters will mimic the repetitive motion of pull-ups or rowing so if my arm is still good by Friday afternoon, I should be able to do the workout during Saturday or Sunday open gym. I’m curious to see how much weight I can snatch overhead. Smile

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Sunday 8th of March 2015

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Monday 11th of March 2013

Smart decision, only you can decide what is best for you at your current level. i quit my first marathon 7 miles in because I knew it was going to be hell and I would risk injury if i tried to complete it. My ego had me line up, reality (and my smart husband)had me quit. It's still one of those black marks on my running career that I'll never be able to take back, but had I listened to my body and not lined up, I wouldn't feel so icky about it. Building years are not bad years!


Monday 11th of March 2013

Good for you for listening! And I agree about the building years. :)