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Coming up in March

Coming up March

I’m just going to pretend February didn’t happen, because for me, it went by in a blaze of Nyquil-filled glory complete with shower hacking sessions and wearing socks to bed. That’ll diffuse any illusions y’all had about living the swinging child-free life.  I don’t think I have ever been that sick for that long. The flu started the ball rolling and it rolled into multiple rounds of flu, strep, and sinus infections and the beating my body took while taking so many medications. I’m basically a big ol mess and longing for feeling like a crunchy hippie. I’m so ready for March!

If some of these things on that list look familiar, well, I had great intentions in February and it was a foregone conclusion that I would be a functioning human being. Since THAT didn’t happen, I didn’t cross much off that February list so they stuck around for March.

The beginnings of the calendar spring…..since the weather is being a hormone-raging teenager in the throes of a major mood swing brought on by the actions of a meanhole in math class AND the unfair lit teacher with Macbeth obsession.…bring about the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in us all. Those who have winter blues with going dark at 5pm will see that time being pushed back a little each day. Those of us working with kids can now enjoy the benefits of them being able to play outside. The benefits are tangible and wondrous. Those of us who are grateful for but hate the treadmill/other torture devices, are waiting for those spring days of playing outside in the sun. It makes us want to spring clean (why???) and wash cars and organize closets to prepare for tank tops and shorts.

Because it’s my birthday month, I’m obnoxiously happy all month long. March 17th can take its time because I enjoy the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day/my birthday. It’s like the whole world is partying with me.

Welcome back and stay tuned!

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