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Comfort food deserves a (Jamie Oliver) Revolution

I won’t always eat the healthiest thing in the world. I have my days when all I want is a basket of chips and cheese dip. But, I do the best I can most of the time. Tonight was NOT one of those nights.

May I present…the green bean casserole.

green beans

Seriously, does it get any better? I did use low fat cream of mushroom soup.

And I only had this much.

green beans2


What brought this on, I have no idea, but I know when I get a bee in my bonnet about a certain food, it’s better to enjoy it and move on. Yes, the soup and onions were salty and highly processed, and I was well aware of that with each wonderful bite I ate.


Check out my breakfast.

Oats in a Jar!!

I had one lonely tablespoon of cashew butter left, so I poured all my banana oatmeal, granola, and flaxseed inside. That lovely green bowl is holding one cooked egg.



Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is sweeping the country and I’ve been sucked into it. This all started when my Grandma called me and wondered if our cafeteria allowed forks and knives. I answered her question but wondered where in the world she came up with that one. She was very concerned that my kids might not have a fork, of all things good and holy, with which to eat their food. I assured her that we do teach fork holding skills and we do let them use forks. That’s when she told me about Jamie Oliver and his CRAZY idea of……wait for it…..bringing healthy changes to school cafeterias.

I thought his show was just another cooking show. Most people know by now that it’s not.

I can’t wait to see Fridays edition.

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