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Catch up Tuesday

Normally, I hate Tuesdays. Yes, I used the word “hate”. Bad things happen on Tuesdays. 9/11. Hurricane Katrina levee breach. Challenger Explosion. Haiti Earthquake. “Achy Breaky Heart” release date. Need I go on???

So I usually dread this day. Mondays are too busy to spend time lamenting. Wednesday-Friday are to the finish line. Tuesday just stinks.

But today was different. I woke up after just a few hours sleep and pounded out a quick 2 miles to wake myself up. I made breakfast, threw lunch together, threw on a polo dress and out the door I went. The rest of the day was so busy, it was over before I knew it.

Now, let’s talk weather. Could it be any more beautiful?? We are at that golden place of cool mornings, warm afternoons, but the humidity hasn’t arrived for it’s extended stay like bad relatives that leave scum in the shower. I went down to the park for another 5 miles, then home to fix a panini (in my second edition of the purple le creuset…love that purple). 




It was a good day. I hope to have more like this one






  • leftover California mix steamed veggies
  • leftover quinoa and andoulle sausage
  • cucumbers and carrots
  • greek yogurt with strawberries
  • hummus
  • pear
  • almond butter
  • grapes


Panini-Smoked turkey, provolone, sweet-heat chipotle and honey sauce. I threw that together and was shocked at how good it was. I used 2 canned chipotles and a 2 teaspoons of honey.




Tomorrow—4 miles and lots of smiles. I promise!

Comfort food deserves a (Jamie Oliver) Revolution
When the mind is overwhelmed…nothing gets done.

Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)

Friday 16th of April 2010

Your panini has me drooling...that looks so gourmet and delicious! :D

I tend to feel the same way about Tuesdays, but I totally love that you turned things around for this particular Tuesday. :D

Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly

Wednesday 14th of April 2010

YAY...I am glad your Tuesday was good and I hope today was even better! xoxo!