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Chobani-Nothing but Good review


It has been a few weeks since the nice people at Chobani sent me a huge box of ice cold Chobani yogurts. Since then, I have tried every flavor and I’m happy to say each one was AMAZING!

I waited a few weeks before doing my review for a few reasons.

  • I wanted to really try each one and not just taste. I wanted to use them in recipes and different situations. What tastes good first thing in the morning might be too rich at night. I bought my own Chobani throughout these weeks to try them at different times and with various complementary foods. I wanted to give an HONEST opinion.
  • Stephen wanted to give his opinion and he’s not the greatest fan of thick Greek yogurt. I took that into consideration when he gave his opinion.
  • Grandma had to get a say in the matter, too! She is a diabetic like me and is always on the lookout for great higher protein, lower sugar options.

Stephen and Grandma bought their own yogurts but I willingly offered Stephen some of the samples from Chobani. I had to replenish the stash after the first week because I ate or used most of them. They were that good. First, lets get some details on the flavors and how I used them.

Lemon and Pomegranate went with me for the Pensacola Half Marathon. I used the Lemon after the race. It tastes like REAL lemon, not the super sweet lacquer flavor that reminds me of Lemon Pledge dust cleaner. Don’t laugh. Y’all know just what I’m talking about. This stuff tasted like I squeezed a lemon into plain yogurt with a dust of cane sugar. It was PERFECT! Now for the Pomegranate. It has a texture to it that might be off putting if you’re not used to pomegranate seeds. I personally thought it made the yogurt, once again, tastes like I cut and crushed my own pomegranate and spooned it with plain Chobani. I loved the texture and the flavor.  Passion Fruit is very similar in that it has small passion fruit seeds that give a crispy texture to the smoothness of the yogurt. I also used another Lemon in a smoothie. I mixed it with mango, banana, and strawberries for a great mix of sweet and tart smoothie. It is now one of my favorite flavor bases for smoothies.

Blood Orange This is one of my top 5 flavors. I have never had an actual blood orange, so I cannot make any claims on its authenticity. I can tell you that it was a very unique orange flavor. It went deeper than orange cream. It had a tartness that was perfectly balanced with the sweet from the orange pulp. I also made a smoothie with this, mandarin oranges, and frozen raspberries.

The twitter pics over the past few weeks showcase some of my favorite flavors before the release of the New Three (Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, Apple Cinnamon). The Strawberry Banana is a huge hit at work. It has a subtle banana flavor. Nothing like the fake banana extract flavor that is common in other brands. And the Strawberry is great at 3pm when I want to raid the vending machine for something sweet.  And not pictured are my other favorites: mango and raspberry.

photo(31)  photo(33)

And that brings me to the ultimate favorite. Apple Cinnamon. It is just like dessert in a cup. I could eat one of these every day. Stephen ate the whole thing in 4 bites and then proclaimed “it’s the best yogurt I’ve ever had!”. Grandma called me out of the blue one day just to tell me that she tried the Apple Cinnamon and has found her perfect late afternoon treat to go with her hot tea. Now Grandma doesn’t mince words when it comes to expressing her opinion on food. She’s on a fixed income (retired) so she is very frugal with her money. She said this was worth every penny.

I think that probably carries more weight than my opinion. 😉


Edit to Add: I can’t believe I left out my #3 favorite. Thank you to Kim for the reminder!

The Pineapple..where do I begin? Let’s just say that when I put vanilla granola over it, I thought I was getting the next best (quickest!) thing to Pineapple Upside down cake.  It was my first real cup of “dessert” that satisfied that craving for something sweet at 3pm when the students were rushing out the door and I was needing a fix to get through a faculty meeting. I think I had a moment of silence for how good and healthy this was.

A common thread in the all the flavors is that they taste like they SHOULD. If it is mango, it tastes like a real mango. Vanilla is REAL vanilla, not the syrupy fake vanilla. I love this trait the most about the Chobani. I love that they are full of protein and probiotics, but the authentic taste is what sets them apart from other brands.

I want to thank Chobani for the yogurt for review purposes. I have a few new addictions to add to my fridge and I am looking forward to making some desserts this summer using some of these flavors!


Monday 4th of June 2012

It is SO hard to pick just one favorite isn't it?1 I absolutely ADORE apple cinnamon! Lemon used to be my #1 but then I think I ate WAY too much of it so I had to take a break. I love pineapple and mango too. All of them - SO SO good. I think I like the 2% flavors a little bit more, but just by a smidge. Even creamier!