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Today, I’m the bug.

Long story short, the windshield got me today.

The good news: I’m not at the doctor getting fluids shoved in my veins.

The bad news: I might be there tomorrow.

My arm started getting REALLY sore late last night. This feels really familiar and I’m not liking it. I did drink my metric ton of water today and I didn’t go to class this morning. I did run 3 because I’m mad. We did everything right. Took 6 months to slowly build back up. I’m still drinking water non-stop trying to keep the proteins that are quickly breaking down from building up in my kidneys. Hopefully, that will keep it from swelling tomorrow.

And I figured some grapes, crackers, and cheese couldn’t hurt my bruised feelings.


Look what came today!

IMG_4995 box

chobani2 chobani

I’m testing the new flavors Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, and Apple Cinnamon. When Ashley asked about my current favorites and any others I have not tried, I had no idea she would send this much Chobani! Thanks, Ashley!

In other news, Hunger Games.


I’m almost done. I really am disturbed by this book. The action is incredible, but the underlying story with the Capitol and the current life of the people in the Districts is overwhelming. I know that a book is good when it encourages me to analyze and contrast the story with current life going in now. It’s easy to go about our lives just in our own little bubble. This story makes me want to poke my head and really look around at what is going on in our world today. Not just the great USA, either.

Now I’m going to finish the book and see if I can wait to get to the store to buy Catching Fire.

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