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When the mind is overwhelmed…nothing gets done.

This past week can be summed up in two words: testing and half-marathon.

The race is in 4 weeks!!! I did a long run of 12 miles with some wicked elevation and switchbacks out at the lake. (shh…….but today, my IT band started hurting. I haven’t felt that in over a year. I’m not going to panic, i’m not going to panic, I’m not going to think about 9 months of PT and another year of half-assed running, I’m not going to go read the first few months of this blog and relive the torture, I’m not going to panic, I’m not going to panic…..) I have one more long run then a taper of 9, then RACE DAY!!!! 13.1 miles up a freakin’ mountain. I hope to finish. That’s it. Finish upright, I should say.


This is my picture from the day I was FINALLY released from physical therapy for IT band, femoral neck hip stress fracture, leg-length discrepancy strength training, greater trochanter hip bursitis, and overall recovery back to running. After all that, all I got was a pat on the back and this t-shirt…that I still wear proudly. That was 2 years ago this month.



DIBELS testing.

I have state reading tests for my kids in a little over one week. With all the talk lately about “merit pay” for teachers, the pressure is on. On the outset, merit pay sounds good, right? Do a good job, get paid well. That should be the norm for EVERY occupation out there. Whether a job is a good or a service, payment should be based on performance or product.

Unfortunately, I do not know many jobs quite like teaching. In most other service jobs, the clients receiving the good or service are willing participants/buyers. A doctor usually has patients who are willing to take his medical care. A lawyer usually have clients who want that service. Teachers do not usually have all student who are willing to learn. Or worse….students who are ABLE to learn. I’m not talking about cognitive ability. I firmly believe all children have the cognitive ability to learn. I’m talking about the kids who are not fed well, nurtured, encouraged, taken care of, etc. Those kids are at terrible disadvantages. They come to school where it is safe, but they are not always able to participate fully in their education that day. Needless to say, kids with a lot of home problems have many days where they muddle through and deal with things in their own way. Sitting up, staying awake, paying attention, participating in every discussion and giving me their best are the least likely ways they cope with their problems.

“Merit pay” is based on performance of students on ONE (1…uno) day. One day. That’s it. Not year long periodic evaluations, observations, mid year tests, etc. My pay would depend on one test given to 5 and 6 year olds and I just have to cross my fingers that nothing tragic happened at their homes overnight, or that they had a good breakfast, or that their favorite outfit was ready to wear. If something happens on the bus, that may be one less “satisfactory” score. And, I hate this with every cell of my body. I love my job. I love knowing that MY KIDS know that if anything is wrong in their life, they are safe with me. I love teaching kids how to read, and how to fix up any barriers to their reading. I love the mystery that unfolds each spring when they really get it! What I hate is the pressure I fight to keep to myself wreaking havoc on my life. These kids are babies. They do not understand the pressure to perform well on one test.  My job is to encourage their best

So, this upcoming week is the last week to prepare them. And I’m determined to NOT let that overshadow other things in my life that I enjoy, like running, cooking and blogging. Each night this past week, I was too tired and anxious to cook good for me food and since I either didn’t eat much, or didn’t eat good stuff, I didn’t bother with the camera. And since I was too tired and anxious, I didn’t really feel like blogging my anxiousness because who wants to read that?


I do have some random stuff. Here are the highlights of last week!

smoothie chicken

dinner vegies

wrap yogurt

 yogurt2 grapes

subway veges



So that was some of the good food from last week. Most mornings were oatmeal and eggs or green smoothies and eggs.


I missed Jamie Oliver’s Food revolution. 🙁

OH!! I start Boot Camp next Monday. 4 days a week. I can’t explain how insanely excited I am about this!!

Tomorrow is a full day with school, NOT stressing over test prep, and Body Pump after school. Yippee!!

Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)

Monday 19th of April 2010

I can't believe all that you went through in regards to physical therapy and running. You are such an inspiration! :D

Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly

Monday 19th of April 2010

Wow all your pictures look magazine worthy! yum!