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Can I get a do-over?

feb 16

Until I actually get the do-over, let’s do a cheer for early morning running. Wow, it’s been a rough week. Between current events with our President and immigration to dealing with an awful Flu and stomach virus attack in Kindergarten, I just want to cover my head for the weekend.

2017-02-10 07.37.50

Love love these shoes. Saucony Freedom ISO.

Now, I’m ready to dive into the weekend. Today has been a blur. Oh, have you heard what the idiots at Lionsgate films are thinking? WHATEVER. We need the END OF THE BOOK. And not in some lame TV show. Who does that??? Idiots. Apparently. I’m not happy about this.

2017-02-16 18.25.37

After dealing with parents over progress reports…

2017-02-10 16.00.13

Oh!! Did y’all see that Scandal episode last night???


That show is messed up beyond all recognition (MUBAR—nice family way of FUBAR).

I almost turned it off. It was weird. I knew that was a dream. No way Olivia would be that nice to him and that Oval Office décor was stanky. Still, it was weird and I was ready to turn it off.

And then when Cy woke up and called Olivia and we got the REAL Olivia, I had pleasant flashbacks to when things were only complicated because of Oli-Fitz. Those were the good ol’ days. But after that, I got grumpy and wanted to turn on Divergent for the 546 millionth time.

NEVER turn off Scandal. The last 45 seconds could have been a show all by itself. Literally 45 seconds into 45 minutes. It could have been done.

Come on, Shonda-landa-ding-dong. Bring back the Olivia-Fitz angst. I’m not liking the new girl, btw. I need my feel-good feelings back. I need Mellie to do silly stuff and second-hand embarrassing things. I need Fitz in the Oval for another 4 years. You know what I need to hear from you, right now?

oliva pope

Onward to the weekend.