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Thrive Market

Thrive market reasons

1. Prices

Thrive Market is an online grocery store that is advertised as being more economical than chain stores and Amazon. That’s a tall declaration. After hearing about Thrive from so many people in the Paleo world, I had to see for myself.

A quick glance at comparison pricing and I had my answer.

  • Kettle and Fire bone broth- AMZ=$12.50   TM=$8.95
  • Coconut Aminos Organic- AMZ=$8.50   TM=$6.25
  • Primal Kitchens Mayo- AMZ=$10.00 TM=$7.45
  • Safe Catch Wild Tuna-AMZ=$4.00   TM=$2.75

kettle fire broth

These are just a few of the things I have bought through Thrive Market. In 3 orders between November and January, I saved more than the cost of the membership. The membership is a philanthropy project explained further down.

2. Selection

This is one of the few places for healthy organic food that has everyday read food items. Baking goods, oils, vinegars, supplements,

snacks, cleaning supplies, etc. This is a HUGE online store and again, the prices cannot be beat. Their own brand of Thrive Market offers even more savings. I love their brand of almond butter more than Trader Joes. Shocking, but true Smile

thrive market katrinaruns

3. Thrive Gives

The Thrive Gives program is something near and dear to my heart. When you pay for a memebership, they donate a membership to a low-income family and to service members in teaching, veteran military, and student education. It’s no secret that teachers are overwhelmingly under paid and 99% of us choose teaching anyway.

Many of us spend hundreds (thousands…let’s be honest) of our own money for our students. A lot of that money go towards snacks for students who do not have access to food at home. We all know there is a mindset of “subsidized junk food is cheaper than an apple”. I’m relentless about the grassroots effort to show that while it takes a time and effort priority, healthy food should not be privilege for the plenty. That’s why I also donate to Thrive Gives with each order I place as part of their Spread the Health program.


This is Why it matters!


4. Education

With Thrive, I can save money, donate to memberships for low-income families, contribute to spreading the Health of better quality foods, AND I am helping educate families on how to eat good food on a budget. It’s all a matter of using my wide social media audience to help spread that information. Take a look at these free youtube topics.


5. Ease of ordering and fast shipping.

These are no-brainers, but it matters when time is fleeting and I want to easily order when I’m running low on staples. Free shipping is also a HUGE plus.

Feel free to check out the site. Each month, I have a special on my side bar. It’s usually a free item if you pay $1.50 in shipping. These are great ways to try out a few of their Thrive brand items before you pay for a membership. They also have a free 30 day membership.

Let me know if you have any questions and have fun Thriving!