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Bring on the food! Pensacola, 2012

After a day of playing, we had appetizers and drinks back at Peg Leg Pete’s. These are Grouper bites. And they were outstanding. I can’t believe I almost ordered cheese sticks. I can get those anywhere. These were fresh from the water.


Sunset on the beach again.


And dinner at Landry’s.  We ate here about 7 years ago when we took our first beach vacation together. Then we had no idea that Pensecola Beach was just over a couple of bridges. We thought the beaches were along the mainland of Pensacola. In 2002, we  spent the entire 4 days cooped up in a hotel room, car,  or shopping in the rain. It rained the whole 4 days.  This trip was a LOT different!

Appetizer, round 2. Zucchini and Pepper strips.


Baked Mahi-Mahi with shrimp, artichokes,  rice and asparagus.

landrys3 copy


landrys4 copy

We ate way too much. We took half of our dinner home and ate a few bites of dessert. At one point, Stephen asked me if I would be able to run the next day. I laughed and said “of course! It’s 9 hours away!”.

Total bottles of water consumed today-2.

Total bottles of water I SHOULD have consumed-8-12.

Here comes trouble….