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Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere, Pensacola 2012

  We had a lot of fun playing in the surf and sand. Unfortunately, we did not have sunscreen. And considering that we had skin that had not seen sunlight in 10 years, we fried. At the time, we didn’t feel anything. The water and wind were cool, almost chilly. But once Stephen got in the water and played for a few minutes, he said it was very comfortable. I got in for a few minutes, but spent most of my time watching, snapping pics, and napping.

When we first drove by the beach, I was shocked at how pretty the water was. I thought I had to get to some tropical island to get water this green. “Emerald” is how the race info described the water and that was exactly what it looked like. beach7beach6beach8   beach3 beach2 beach9

Navarre Beach. I was amazed at the beautiful tropical green water….in the Gulf of Mexico.

navarre navarre6 navarre5  navarre3 navarre2

One way to carry a surf board


And that was the last of the fun in the sun. We had enough of it by 5pm. If I only had sunscreen…

Palafox Farmer’s Market, Pensacola
Bring on the food! Pensacola, 2012


Wednesday 18th of April 2012

WOW that is so freakin' gorgeous... I wish I was there with an umbrella drink. That's some beautifully colored sand and ocean. My aunt lives near there I think and I keep wanting to visit her....