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Quite a few years ago…..

2014-09-01 08.44.07

We made it official during a hurricane on the first weekend in September, which happened to be the opening weekend of Alabama football. That wasn’t a coincidence. Our anniversary weekend almost always includes Labor Day and the first game of the season.

We got married in Memphis, TN on a rainy Saturday afternoon and then whisked off to Michigan for our first grown-up, own-our-own trip. We had a blast and had stars in our eyes.

Today, we still travel around as often as we can and the stars have dimmed at times, but we just know that we are stuck together for life. No matter how high or how low, we are side-by-side. That was made even more clear with our recent miscarriage. Nobody knows how to handle that until they are going through it. For a guy, Stephen just followed his instincts and they were on target. He talks about it when its on his mind. He lets me talk about it. We grieved together and separately, still grieving at times. After several years together (we met in 1996), we know each others minds, moods, goals, desires, and fears. It has been a roller coaster ride, but I wouldn’t want anybody else by my side.

Happy Anniversary to us! It ended on a sad event. But we are working through it and the next year will be better than ever.