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An Oil for That


One year later and I’m still a rabid user of hippie oils. I still make fun of myself and other oily people because, lesbihonest, we aren’t going to rid the world of major plagues and pestilence but we like to try. Y’all know I rarely take myself seriously, let alone the masses out there, so let’s take this with a grain of salt or drop of weed or whatever.

Disclaimer: These comments have not been approved by any government entity and since my mom is the only one still reading this blog, I doubt you’ll take her word for it so read and administer at your own risk. In simpler terms: Don’t be stupid.

In the past 12 months, I’ve bought oils for myself at wholesale price. I signed up under my sister and she reaps miniscule benefits from my spending habits. Since she is the mother of the best 2 boys in this world (no arguments please), I only wish I could spend a whole lot more to benefit them. Keep clicking my blog for recipes  because that funds my oil and running shoe habits. Again..I digress.

2017-07-21 19.43.26

For the first few months, I grabbed up the MAJOR oils we all know make a difference. Lemon. Lavender. Peppermint. Thieves. Deep Relief and Breathe Again roll ons. Those have made huge differences in our headaches (yes, Stephen is a believer in anything holistic), sinus issues, concentration, sleep, and on and on. So I made sure I had multiple bottles for home, car, and school. I used them to make up cleaning products and bath salts, too.

2017-09-04 17.03.35

Once I had a good base of MAJOR oils, I began experimenting with specific oils and blends for things like concentration, anxiety, grounding, focus/tunnel vision, mood uplifters. Some worked great like vetiver and sandalwood. Imagine my surprise when Joanna Gaines released a Vetiver candle for their Target line. I had never heard of vetiver before Young Living. But I knew how powerful it was for helping with focus and concentration.

Now, I’m just literally throwing darts at the order page each month.

Exhibit A: Xiang Mao. I can’t even read that right, y’all. But it’s a great “room clearing” type of oil. It is not a blend, but extract from a leaf.  It reminds me of Purification, which is my go-to diffuser oil after cooking bacon, fish, or broccoli. It is an odor-eater.

xiang mao

Next up is Loyalty. This is not on their order list. You are gifted this one after 12 months of orders. It just showed up in a nifty pouch and I had no idea how it got there until I actually read the info. It’s like a magical unicorn that appears. But what is it?

It’s productivity in a bottle. In one 4-hour stretch, I cleared 9 blog drafts into published pages, updated my entire Goodreads list, and filled out my planners…plural…for the rest of the spring summer. This stuff makes Vetiver look like a bottled nap. I’m guessing it’s the combination of several oils that makes it so potent. If I wasn’t 100% sure it was legal, I would swear it has extract of hydrocodone. I’m talking serious tunnel vision that I only get with the good cough syrup.

jade lemon citrus fresh

Need more citrus? Why not? I love the citrus oils by themselves. I assumed something called Citrus Fresh would be even better and a quicker picker when I just need to clear some air in the house. Remember, I just pointed and clicked my order without much research. I was right about this. I used this on cotton balls placed around the house to clear out some winter funk after we were sick for weeks. Peppermint is fantastic but it’s a stereotypical “winter” smell. I wanted to usher in spring ASAP so I actually ordered another bottle of this for April.

I clicked that Jade Lemon because I love anything lemon. If it read “fake pledge lemon”,  I would probably still buy it. However, never fear, Jade Lemon is a fancy lovely lemon. It’s perfect for anything lemon is used.

white angelica

White angelica just sounds magical and angelic and something I might need. It’s another grounding, emotional balance blend. It has 10 oils that are powerhouses of goodness. It’s a woodsy smell but there are distinct floral notes hanging around waiting for you to notice them. Wallflowers.


There’s my latest oil roundup. What’s next? Well, with summer coming up and the state’s bird is a mosquito, I think Citronella might be on the agenda.

And maybe some Goldenrod. It’s a kinky oil to entice kinkiness in partners of both sexes. Think of it as 50 Shades of Kinky Oil.

Now I’m just wondering if anyone is still reading this blog Winking smile 

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