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Random Thoughts Thursday

2018-03-06 15.47.09

It seems all my thoughts are nothing but random grabs of coherent though this week. Friday is staring me in the face and that means Spring Break is so close.

1. I really don’t get the Rae Dunn fascination. I love this mug. It’s cute. It’s the word I chose for my favorite quote by D.H. Lawrence. I’ve been fascinated by this quote since mid 90’s when I read it in high school AP class.

2018-03-05 00.49.34

But I certainly didn’t go dig for it in TJ Maxx. I ordered it off ebay. I’m more than happy to let those who are much more….shopping-centric go dig in store shelves for mugs with words on them. I might get a little more interested in Rae Dunn when the fall seasons arrive. I could totally see myself searching for something Pumpkin/Fall/Halloweenish. Like a Trick or Treat mug. I may need to start looking on ebay now.

2. For the love of all that’s pure and acca-awesome, when is Pitch Perfect 3 coming out on DVD/on-demand?? I didn’t see it in the theater and I’m patiently waiting for my Fat Amy/Patricia fix. Hurry up, Pitches!

2018-03-06 09.44.02

3. We need a new grill. ASAP. We have 2 REALLY good sources of beef here. I can find amazing fresh-off-the-pasture ribeyes from a guy at our local farmer’s market. And we have a great meat guy at our small grocery store. I know where the meat comes from and he can cut it any way I ask. “Thick ribeye” is go-to choice.

2018-02-10 18.47.082018-03-06 20.05.49

Unfortunately, our grilling times were greatly decreased this past year. Our old grill was on its last leg and we spent July-November working every minute to get the house finished and moved in. Stephen bought a small grill to get by on until spring sales. It works for now.

4.  March means birthday which means Saucony has these new Kinvara 9s for me. They will be here before my birthday and *hopefully* I will be cleared from pneumonia to run again.

2018-03-06 08.54.34

Happy Almost Friday!!