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2018-04-10 08.11.22A few weeks ago, I went to an allergist about the increase in frequncy and severity of my sinus infections. After asking a ton of questions and looking at my face and nose, the conclusion is my infections are caused by allergies. I needed a skin test to see what was causing such chaos in my sinuses.

I was more than ready to do this and held out both arms for all the scratches and serums they could throw at me. Then it was time to get the subdermal skin needles with more potent serums to see if I had any reactions to those.

2018-04-10 11.20.02

Fun times.

And the results are not a surprise. It’s easier to name the FIVE…5..cinco….FIVE specific things out of all those needles and scratches I did not show a reaction. Are y’all ready for this?

  1. mice
  2. Cedar Trees
  3. Bahia grass
  4. Alternaria mold
  5. Sycamore Trees

That’s it. The rest of the trees, grasses, molds, pollens, and animals are all causing havoc in my life. Bring on the allergy shots. I’ll get 3 with each visit and start off with 2 visits a week. I have to get an Epi-pen and I had to buy a peak-flow meter to breathe into before each set of shots.

My hope is that I’m feeling a lot better this time next year.

2018-04-10 11.47.20

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