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Going all in with Keto

Why I am going keto

Eventually, I got to the point that I was done with feeling sick and tired all the time. That time came around 10pm tonight when I forgot to start the washing machine and my only pair of pants that fit comfortably were not going to be clean for work tomorrow. That was the point I was DONE.

Signs have been creeping up here and there that I am not living my best life right now. Blame it on the drugs/meds from being sick, blame it on the winter that won’t let go, blame it on the house construction and transition. Whatever the excuses are, they are not working for me anymore.

But why keto? Am I not an unofficial supreme loyalist of Paleo? Haven’t I been proclaiming the praises of the paleo world for a few years? Reviewing advanced copies of cookbooks from the kings/queens at the top of the Paleo food chain must make me a loyal paleo cheerleader, right? Attending a few years of Paleo fX must count for something, right?

All of these are true, but so is this post I wrote earlier. I’m forever loyal to the Paleo lifestyle. These leaders are no longer satisfied with talking about what is on the dinner plate. They are now firmly entrenched in the grass roots efforts to spread the values of sustainability, utilizing local sources for foods and goods, supporting local and organic farming, making the world a better place. THAT is where I love to talk about Paleo.


As far as keto is concerned, it’s only about the food. Honestly, it’s only about the FAT and food. And I’m okay with that. The biggest dietary differences between the two approaches are whittled down to some paleo+dairy-starchy carbs. It’s eating meat, non-starchy veggies, and covering it all with fat like butter and GOOD oil sources like nuts, not grains.


The part that works the best for me is the focus on ZERO SUGAR. I mean zero. None. No honey, agave, “but it’s NATURAL coconut sugar”, etc. I am seeing a lot of dessert items made with Stevia and I’m not ready for that, yet. I have to train my tastes to be more realistic about sugar instead of demanding everything taste sweet. It’s a long process, and I’m tired of putting it off.

My specific macros will start off with something like Carbs-5%, Protein-25%, Fat-70%. That has worked well for me in the past so I’ll start with these macros.

Planning ahead is the biggest key for this and since that is also how I successfully completed multiple rounds of Whole30, I know this going in and I’m working already with planning meals. I love knowing that all I need is 24 hours and I can handle the carb flu.


Much more on this subject is coming up as I work through a few weeks before we travel for June. I’m already waiting for my morning butter coffee.