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Allergic to Cities, Breckenridge 2011


We were driving around early, and I happened to see a sign for a Friday Farmer’s Market. I had researched each town we were scheduled to visit to see if there was a market nearby. I adore farmer’s markets. I did not find this one because it was technically in Dillon, which is a stone’s throw from Breckenridge. I had the most fun during the two hours we were there. Not to mention, each time I looked up, I saw that view. Kinda hard to complain about anything when I see this.




farmers12 farmers13











We walked away with some foccia bread (flat sourdough with garlic rosemary), a ham quiche, some pickles, and a hat for Stephen that I insisted he buy.


I came this——–> <———– close to taking it back after he laughed at this shirt.



After we left (with the hat….I liked it a lot) we found some a place that still had open ski!!!

But we didn’t ski. We just looked in awe at skiers in June. Alabamians are hotter than billy goats in a pepper patch and here we are looking at skiers in full down suits.


Then we played around in downtown Breckenridge.

River mascot

breck 14



Stephen found a Starbucks. It’s a cute little house!bucks breck5

I was right. The hat looks great on him 🙂


breck4 breck8

Guess what I found? Cupcakes!! Homemade and FRESH!


Cookies and cream, chocolate raspberry


Lunch was another culinary mastry. We found a place called the Breckenridge Brewery. We have found that brew pubs have really good food. They advertise and bring in people for the local brews but I haven’t found a brew pub that didn’t have good food a GREAT PRICE. I love trying new things, but I’m still not going to pay more money just for a fancy name or reputation. Brew pubs keep it real with regards to great quality for a greater price.

I had a salad with some black bean enchilada soup. It was vegetarian and I didn’t miss the meat. The salad was fresh and the dressing was out of this world good. I think it had tarragon. I’m seeing a theme with that stuff and I’m going to play with some recipes using tarragon.

breck lunchbreck lunch2

Here is the view from our balcony seat. Life is good.

breck lunch3

We walked around some more, saw some more snow, then needed to call it an early night since I had a half-marathon the next morning. I wanted a big plate of pasta, and I found it! Chicken alfredo is one of my favorite pre-race meals and this was spectacular. I do not have pics because it was getting dark and I hate blue flash.

breck 4

Next up, running all day.