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Next stop, Breckenridge Colorado, 2011

After we waived goodbye to Telluride, we travelled over the river, through the woods, a little carsickness from reading Kindle over 10,000ft passes, and quietly landed in Breckenridge. Whew! What a day.

Cottonwood Pass

cottonwood9 cottonwood7 cottonwood6 cottonwood5 cottonwood4  cottonwood2 cottonwood11

The winds make these cool structures in the snow.

cottonwood10 cottonwood

That was pretty much the the whole day. Driving. Snow. Great views. And some minor carsickness. I won’t dwell on that part. I learned my lesson. Figuring out who is the villain of the story is not so important when trying to keep lunch down. Oh, and a quick lunch at Arby’s isn’t worth talking about either. ALTHOUGH…I was pleasantly surprised by their roasted chicken. It wasn’t a huge piece of dried out breast. It was sliced like you get in a deli and had a good flavor.


After that long day, this was the view from where we stayed. I could get used to this.

Bridal Veil Falls, Colorado 2011
Allergic to Cities, Breckenridge 2011