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Alabama v MSU

First of all….check out #42. Keith Holcombe. I’m going to pull the old aunt card and say “I remember when he was THIS little and I watched him grow up”. Now he’s all tall and big and kicking people’s asses on Alabama football turf. I’ve mentioned him a few times. His parents are close family friends. They are living the dream and we are having a blast watching him do great things as a redshirt freshman.

Alabama and Mississippi. Two states usually fighting to NOT be 50th on the good list and to NOT be 1st on the bad lists. Some call us the armpit of the South.


In terms of football, Mississippi and Alabama always have interesting games. Mississippi State University always give us a very tough game, no matter if they are having a winning season or not.

This year, we have the Dak Attack to look out for. Dak Prescott brought his best game. We were beat to a pulp from LSU last weekend. Our guys are feeling the end-of-season fatigue.

But we pulled it out and continued the winning.

2 more weeks to go until SEC championship!!!