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Above ground

2017-02-03 17.37.09

Things are moving along with the house construction. If this looks a little unusual, you’re right. We are not building a traditional stud wall home. This is the beginnings of a pole barn construction home. In a couple of weeks, we will have a house standing, but nothing inside. No load-bearing walls. No rooms. Just a beautiful slab of concrete and the freedom to put walls and rooms how we want them.

Since Stephen grew up helping his father build homes and he himself is an election, we are able to build a larger square foot home without having a mortgage until we’re too old to enjoy retirement. These are the poles and steel beams for the roof. Later this week, we will have our concrete foundation. A lot is happening in a short amount of time!

Speaking of time, if you depend on a weird-looking weather predictor, happy Groundhog Day!

2017-02-02 06.24.02

Me, I depend on this man. He’s legit. Whether it’s a tornado polygon or pervasive winter freak-out, James Spann is the weather man.


I got in a couple of quick miles this morning before school. It’s been a rough week already and these 2 miles were exactly what I needed.

feb 2

For dinner, it’s another one-pan creation. I had chicken, brussels sprouts and bacon. Sounds like a winner winner chicken dinner. I also think having natural light in the new house might be reason #1 why I’m glad this project is moving along. Our RV is nothing but yellow ‘soft white’ light. I hate it. The giant double-window in the kitchen/dining area has caused some major headaches, but I know it will be worth it!

brussels stir fry