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A light at the end of the rhabdo tunnel

Day 4 and some good news. My CK level dropped from 37,000 to 18,000!!! I’m almost home free. I will get my 2 liters of fluids today then I don’t have to be back until Tuesday!! I can go to work as long as I don’t do any lifting or pulling anything. I get my lovely friend, port, out of my arm. I can shower and wash my hair. I’m a little thrilled right now.

I did ask about running, because I have a brand new pair of shoes just waiting for me.

He laughed at me.


Then he said we will talk in one week and see where my CK level is then. His quote “if you get this muscle trauma spreading through your whole body, it will destroy your kidneys and you will die and we really don’t want that”.
My response “No, we don’t but thanks for including the “really” because you had a hesitancy in your voice as if you had to think about it”. Nothing like a dr with a sarcastic side bigger than mine.

So, here I am in my bat cave about to read a magazine and make a grocery list. My feet look huge!!

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Tuesday 4th of October 2011

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Sunday 3rd of November 2019

Thanks for your post. I have rabdo also. I’ve always been a hard worker on a ranch so never did “ work outs” At 67 I was happy I still could do “ the jobs” Until I was helping spread gravel. Later my legs were swollen arms ached. 8 days in Hospital. Now I’m trying to put this behind me and do minimal stuff but my CPKs jump every time I try. I can’t pick up my feet to barely clear our to steps on the porch. If I walk 1/2 a block my legs feel like I have concrete boots on. Can you give me any hope? 6 mos ago I was lugging 60 lb bags of grain, etc. will I ever be ME again?