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Whole 30 Day 8: A day off and no sugar to be found

I love 3 day weekends! Ask me on Friday how I feel about 4 day work weeks as a kindergarten teacher, and I’ll give a different answer.  But I’m going to enjoy today to rest up, clean the house after taking down holiday decorations, and just enjoy some free time.

The first week of Whole 30 wasn’t near as bad as I was expecting and I was expecting absolute torture. Honestly, I was expecting to fail. The only thing I’ve ever cut from diet before gluten, was sugar and white carbs after finding out I had diabetes. It was during the week prior to Thanksgiving and I quite sugar, Cokes, white flour and desserts cold turkey. I didn’t look back. I was scared to death that I would in the short term, have to take medicine or shots and in the long term, lose a limb and/or my eyesight. Eyes are exceptionally vulnerable to fluctuations in blood sugar. But, after the first couple of years, the sugar began to sneak back in. I say that like sugar is some monster with supernatural characteristics. Sugar didn’t do anything. I am the one who ate it. And ever since then, the usual justifications flowed freely. It’s a special occasion, it’s a Friday, it’s an afternoon out with friends, it’s my sister’s birthday, it’s a trip home, etc. The simple fact is, sugar is highly addictive and I tried many times to cut back. There is no cutting back.

When I first ready the basics of Whole 30, cutting sugar wasn’t the worst part. Non-gluten grains (many of which are substitutes for gluten so I could eat my usual favorites), legumes, and dairy were off the list as well. That was why I automatically crossed a Paleo type of diet off my list. I’ve read the research regarding all these foods and I know they are not all bad. But they can be inflammatory to a growing number of people.  So, I decided to try if for other reason than to make a clean break from sugar and enjoy trying new vegetable combinations for 30 days.

After 3 days, I didn’t miss the sugar. Dairy wasn’t a problem. I can give or take beans and peas. However, by day 5-6, I was ready to destroy the world. I was just so irritable and cranky. Day 7 was better. Today was fantastic. I feel more clear headed and stronger and lighter. Better yet, I feel like I might actually do this.

For breakfast, I ate a banana, almond butter, and coffee.

Lunch was a mixed green salad with grilled beef and onions, oil and vinegar.

Dinner was Southwest meatloaf and green beans.

I didn’t snack today. I’m eating plenty of protein and vegetable carbs so I guess I’m just not very hungry.


Pick your favorites greens. Slice leftover steak or sear a flank steak for 3-5 minutes each side. In a large pan, melt some clarified butter and slowly cook onions until they are soft and beginning to brown. Layer salad with greens, steak, onions. Dress with olive oil and red wine vinegar. This recipe is GREAT with leftover pork loin, chicken breasts, and shrimp, too.


Day 8 was a breeze. I’m hopeful this weeks is more cruising.

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