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Weekly Menu

It’s been two weeks since I’ve gotten myself together enough to plan and post a menu for this week. I need a plan or else I either won’t eat or eat the stuff that doesn’t make me feel good overall.





Sunday: Vegetable Bean soup

Monday: Salmon (again), roasted asparagus, sweet potatoes.

Tuesday: Greek Quinoa, beef tenderloin, mushrooms

Wednesday: roasted vegetable salad, braised white beans

Thursday: Broccoli/Cauliflower/Carrots with cheese, beef tenderloin with mixed greens, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Friday: Taco something or other. Not sure yet 🙂



My workouts this week are going to be a little more intense with running. I have Twisted Ankle in 2 weeks and I really need some heat running. 4 days ago, I was wearing a sweater. Yesterday, it was 93*. The humidity was out of control!

Monday: 3 miles outside

Tuesday : AM CrossFit + PM 4 miles outside, then enjoy the finale of the BIGGEST LOSER!!!

Wednesday: AM CrossFit + PM 4 miles outside. Backup plan, (4 miles on TM)

Thursday: AM CrossFit + 3 mile short intervals outside+2 mile warmup/cooldown.

Friday: AM CrossFit+ Running rest.

Saturday: Full Rest

Sunday: 10 miles at Lake. LSD.





My goals this week are short and simple. Since I’m now using Weight Watchers to keep track of my eating and not just calories, my main goals are revolved around tracking and more tracking.

1. Track points instead of calories. My calories have been fairly consistent over the past 3 months so let’s see how that compares to WW, a program I firmly believe in.  Also, I’m a double tracker. I put them in my phone/computer for calculations, but when I want to go back and read/check my progress, I am still old school.

2. Water. I must hydrate for these heat runs.

3. Stop the negative talk. That was the focus of our weekly meeting on Saturday. I’m so guilty of this and it’s not healthy at all. If I am making good choices right this minute, why do I expect the weight to fall off on the floor right this minute??


Maple Teriyaki Salmon
I want to be like Charles (doctors’ report)


Monday 30th of April 2012

Yum, great menu!! I love that you laid out your workouts and things to improve too. I am really focusing on negative talk too, and quelling it before it starts. it's such a bad habit, and isn't productive at all. Go you!