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Weekly Meal Plan

This is the last week of the Whole 30! While I am looking forward to adding back in a few things like chocolate, I am curious to see how adding back in grains will affect me. But, I have another week of lean protein and all the fresh veggies I can eat!



Sunday: Shrimp and stir fried broccoli

Monday: Salmon with roasted veggies

Tuesday: Bacon wrapped beef, house fries (sweet potatoes)

Wednesday: Crock Pot Pork sirloin with Kale, parsnips, carrots

Thursday: Eating out: Chipotle!

Friday: Shepherd’s Pie

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Last week a GREAT week with 4 CrossFit workouts. I hope to get another 4 days of CF I’m setting high goals!

Monday: Full rest. I’m tired and still sore.

Tuesday: AM CrossFit

Wednesday: AM CrossFit, PM running 3 miles

Thursday: AM CrossFit, PM running 5 miles

Friday: AM CrossFit, running rest day

Saturday: Play in snow!!

Sunday: Long run 7 miles.


The only thing I want to focus on this week is WATER WATER WATER. Maybe if I only make 1 goal, I can focus on it.

Can you believe, this weekend will be the middle of February?? Where is the time going?