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Weekend Holiday Fun

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The days are FLYING by and this was another weekend of checking things off the list.

First up, my Crate&Barrel box. I missed out last year because honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the Christmas designs. This year, they got their act together and designed stuff that I liked. One thing that surprises me about C&B is their prices on dishes and small kitchen items. Very reasonable.

crate barrel2015-12-07 21.45.35

I have a thing for snowmen. Fine, I have a thing for most Christmasy things except nutcrackers. They are way too close to the clown family and that’s just not an option.

Snowmen are definitely an option.


For some reason, the design on these reminded me of Switzerland which reminded me of March 1994 which reminded me of snow and very good times in a German bar. Work with me on this one..

crate barrell 2

After I drooled over new dishes and the chocolate molten lava cake I was imagining in those snowflake ramekins, I cleaned up all the crap from school that has been taking over my house. The holidays are fun as an adult. Throw in a classroom full of 5 year olds and December is AMAZING. We must make all the crafts, ornaments, gingerbread, santas and snowmen. We must read all the books and try not to sniffle at the Polar Express during the last couple of minutes (I big ugly cry when I watch it home. Then call my mother). All that fun takes planning which overtakes my table. As I was cleaning, I noticed my affinity for Pier 1 mugs and plates….all snowmen.

pier 1 red

pier 1 bluepier 1 green2












I was making a casserole for a friend at work and it requires crushed Ritz crackers. I found these gluten-free crackers at Manna grocery and they were a perfect substitute for my separate casserole. I made Poppy Seed chicken, something I haven’t made in a few years because of the need for crackers and Cream of Crap. I used these crackers and the perfection in a can-Progresso Creamy Mushroom which is a slightly thinned version of cream o’ mushroom from the famous red/white can. It was so good, I’ll make it again and get some pictures this time.

gfree crackers

December means holiday pajamas and Christmas coffee from Starbucks. I have no idea if they use the same blend each year, but when Stephen saw “sumatra” base on the bag, he declared it his new favorite. It really is a spicier flavor than the original. He loves both, but I grabbed another bag for him.


Busy weekend is over which means next week is just more hectic and more levels of hysteria as we get closer to the big day. 1 more week of school and then I can sleep.

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