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We are here!! Colorado 2014

After 20 hours of driving, many stops for gas and coffee, plains, hills, storms, and roadkill, we finally made it back to Colorado. This is our 6th summer here and I hope the time passes SLOWLY. I need this big reset button and if there is a mountain, we must climb it.

The drive in was great. We passed a lot of this driving through Kansas.

2014-06-07 16.33.40

Some storms gave us a good sky show.

2014-06-07 16.57.39-2

And finally, we saw these familiar peaks from Hwy 24.

2014-06-07 17.52.30-2

Tomorrow we will go off into the woods for some camping and hiking.  I may be “off the grid” since we will be down in the middle  hiking country. This is a good thing because I need to walk and hike since today was a big fail in walking.

2014-06-07 16.19.04

I’ll see y’all on the other side! Hopefully with tales of another 14er summit, great camping stories, and no bear attacks. Fingers crossed!

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