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Do you wanna freeze your buns off?

After a quick breakfast on the road we started the drive towards the next camp site. For this trip we are alternating camping with condo. First round is camping in high elevation. That might be a bad idea….
Anyway breakfast with the best Paleo granola I have found. Steve’s Paleo Goods. And a citrus kombucha. We went to a nearby church for Sunday service and popped into Walmart for essentials. Canopy and s’mores.

The next stop for lunch was supposed to be to the first full Paleo restaurant in the US. But when we got to an empty building, I checked the website a little closer.


So off to Chipotle for a quick lunch and then back on the road.
We got to our camp site and got everything put up. But this is how we spent a couple of hours.

And then it snowed. For a long time. I love snow! But I love central heating in a warm house, too.
But after a quick dinner in the snow, brats and more granola, we turned into the tent. Our bag is designed for temps to 0-30* so it was about to be verified.

And nothing says camp sexy like headgear.

We are here!! Colorado 2014
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