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Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine~Book Review

I have been waiting for the book to arrive for a long time. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Sarah Fragoso  of Everyday Paleo ever since hearing her talk in Austin this year. I just love her message of health, not just following what the other cool kids are following. One of the best things I have ever read from her is her post called “Own it”. The quickest version of this post is this: while working to achieve her goal which was HEALTH, she also gained some aesthetic goals that so many people say can’t be achieved without body cloning, snake oil, or surgery. She wasn’t doing a “diet”, she was just living and working for her health. After reading her post, don’t be afraid to stand and slow clap in the empty room you might be sitting in.

2014-06-02 11.37.37-2

Now that I’ve revealed my huge love for her message, I have to share why I wanted to get my hands on this book. Thai. Yes, Thai. In Alabama. Why would a girl from the Deep South want a good book on cooking authentic Thai cuisine? The answer is because Thai and other Eastern cuisines are deeply rooted in whole foods, small farms, minimal processing, and tons of flavor. Don’t think about JUST fried rice and MSG-loaded sauces. Think protein and vegetables with herbs, peppers, and spices that meet together in a way that is truly authentic to Thailand. I know that of the times I’ve eaten at a Thai restaurant, most of the dishes were okay, but not great. However, there have been times when I got some outstanding dishes that just made the experience so much more special. The balance of  sweet, sour, and heat just worked so well together. I love Thai food and now I can make my own at home with ingredients that will work with my health goals.

This book is not just the recipes. Sarah included a very detailed travel log and travel guide from her weeks in Thailand. Reading her words made me feel like I was walking right along and seeing this whole new place through her eyes. I loved reading the stories and details from the  Fragoso family trip.

Now to the food!

I’ve made 2 recipes this week and both were quick and easy. Finding the ingredients in Alabama was a little tricky. The Whole Foods didn’t have everything I needed, but Sarah includes a great section on substitutions if you can’t find these in your stores.

This is Red Curry.  Yes, I am embracing curry again but I really love this Thai curry with the coconut milk!

red curry_edited-2

The second dish is a Cashew Stir Fry. I could eat this every other day. I loved the crunch and the heat from the Thai chilies (I did find those in WF!)chashew chicken~_edited-1

Both of these are in the new cookbook and it will be released soon, June 17. Pre-order your copy and get ready for a cooking adventure Smile