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We are back!

What is this weird air here? It’s hot, sticky, and stifling.

After a few weeks in ice and snow, the heat in Alabama was like a slap with a wet towel and it got stuck.

I haven’t unpacked, but I did go to the farmer’s market to load up on something to eat.





In all reality, I just wanted another jug full of tea from Fig & Leaf.

2014-06-28 10.09.28

While I was strolling and drinking, I somehow managed to load up two bags full of food.

2014-06-28 18.01.40

After I got some food for the fridge, I stopped by a gazillion craft stores. My new Erin Condren planner should be here soon and I have some washi tape and stickers to use with it. This will be my 4th year attempting an organization to the chaos.


As of right now, my next week is busy and colorful! We have a birthday, some stuff for work, a quick dinner with family, and my attempts to get back to better eating habits (too much vacation pizza!) and returning to CrossFit and walking/running. Those last two depend on the knee. My overall soreness is down, but my range of motion has stalled. The MCL is not happy, especially when I’m trying to sleep. I wake up EVERY night with it bothering me.


Happy Sunday!!