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Tuesday Troubles

The tuesday has spoken and it’s not happy. Let me list the ways.

1. I feel a sinus infection lingering in the background.

2. College football is STILL 3 days away.

3. My pants are tight. It seems running more does NOT counteract my love for mango strips.

4. It’s muggy. And humid. And hot. And swampy. And miserable.

5. 2 hour staff meeting after school. I’m a Kindergarten teacher. We don’t just sit for 2 hours and absorb knowledge. We don’t just sit for 2 minutes and enjoy it.

6. Did I mention that it’s hot? Nothing even close to resembling fall is to be found.

Now let’s discuss the good stuff.

RUNNING!!! Got a great one in today.

2015-09-01 07.21.47

Stephen loves to surprise me. I think the flowers he personally delivered just topped the last surprise. The popcorn box vase is epic!

 2015-08-31 15.17.19

Lunch was pretty nice, too. I love this grilled chicken with roasted vegetables and a marinara dipping sauce. This is when food prep comes in very handy.

2015-09-01 06.54.38

Only 3 more days to finish the week and it’s going to be an awesome weekend!

A very awesome Saturday
Rock ‘n’ Roll Training Rock Box