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A very awesome Saturday

I have survived the first 2 full weeks of school and I fully expected to sleep in this morning. But 6:00 am came around and I was wide awake and did not want to waste a single minute trying to go back to sleep. I had my running shoes ready and my lists for shopping so I jumped up and got to the park before the rains and humidity took over.

Running is so much better lately. I’m very slow, but I’m very content with running. At times, I struggle to stay in low gear but I know how easy I am to injure something. I trotted along the loop at the local park and kept a smile most of the time. These are the runs I look forward to having.

2015-08-29 07.05.21-1

Next up was an early morning at the Tuscaloosa River Market! It was not very crowded yet and there was plenty of variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, canned goods, and handmade items.

Snows Bend Farms had a good supply of okra.

2015-08-29 07.37.04-1

This little lady is a rescue from Tennessee. According to her owner, the kennel puts down the girl dogs after they stop having litters. This one was marked to be put down and the kennel owner said she would give her away IF she would be spayed. This nice retired lady took her 2 years ago and said they are the best of friends.

2015-08-29 07.39.17

Summer fruits and greens.

2015-08-29 07.40.26

Tea Town Alabama food truck. I love this Saturday market ritual. The cold peach spice was a perfect hint of fall on a warm humid day.

2015-08-29 07.49.30

River activities.

2015-08-29 07.50.51

After the market, I walked down to Another Broken Egg Café for a bacon omelette and found a seat by the river.

2015-08-29 08.40.16

I had long list of school supplies to get from Target before they go back to regular price. Before I hit the shelves, I took a chance to ask if I could get an early Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s a rainy day and I needed caffeine. When I asked, she whispered “we have the pumpkin, so I can make one for you”. I’ve only been asking each week since July. Smile

The verdict on the new formula: Much better. Not as “chemically”.

2015-08-29 09.09.37-1

I have a sad story. Our new principal has told us we can no longer wear our Team Spirit shirts on Fridays with jeans. We have to wear our school shirts if we want to wear jeans. 99% of our school are Alabama fans (hello…we live in the shadows of Bryant-Denny Stadium) and wearing Alabama shirts is a tradition..EVERYWHERE in town. I’ll be in walmart on Friday morning and see every cashier wearing Alabama. Go to the teacher store after school? Alabama shirts (BOTH teacher stores. The ABC liquor store and the Teacher Supply store Winking smile ) Friday and Saturday are Alabama days.

Sooo…I just can’t deal with that. I’ve worn Alabama on football Fridays every year since freshman year of college. Instead, check out this Old Navy find. HOUNDSTOOTH!!!! I’m wearing these on Friday with my AL scarf or crimson shirt. The good thing about being an AL fan is that we have our own fashion pattern. This Friday is our first football Friday so I’m ready to continue my superstiti…I mean…tradition.

2015-08-29 10.56.03

After I made peace with the new rules, I hopped over the Mary’s Cakes and Pastries for some paleo goods. She had 1 piece of “almost paleo” chicken enchiladas. These have cheese, which makes them “almost”. I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie while I was deciding. I love checking out her latest paleo dishes.

2015-08-29 12.23.19-1

2015-08-29 15.02.12

This was a BUSY Saturday, but I was home by 12:00 noon and I got a lot accomplished by getting an early start. Now I can focus on school work and a big meal prep day tomorrow.

Happy Saturday!