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Things I’ve been keeping to myself

We are in very strange times. Living through a pandemic is not how I imagined spending my days in 2020. I remember that fond day back when I posted my plans for 2020.

Now I just read that and laugh. For more hilarious times, I check back through my state-of-the-blog where I give some insight on the analysis paralysis of the blogging world and strive to do better in 2020.

We did not return to school. At all. March 13 was the last day to teach a class full of bright, loving, and compassionate kids.

Our governor declared an extended state of emergency and moved instruction to distance or virtual. We are a poor school in a very large (square mileage large) district and limited wifi.

Those babies had to trade in recess and read-alouds, play doh and shaving cream, STEM and solo cup towers for big envelopes full of worksheets.

I was angry for a while. I still am, actually. It doesn’t do any good, but that’s never stopped me from feeling it.

So with the no-longer-in-classroom time, I had some choices to make. I had things to do. Otherwise, I would still be on the couch glued to the news. Protip-that will drive anybody to think the world sucks.

I went about a big mental Come-to-Jesus meeting over a few weeks. And I didn’t tell anybody. The beauty of quarentine, stay-at-home is there’s nobody but me to talk to. And I had to dig deep. Here are some things I’ve been keeping to myself.

I Found My Running Roots.

I’ve been running.


More miles in April and May than all of 2019. Let that sink in.

I pulled out old playlists. I read old blog posts. I re-read old race reports.

I even returned to my first running shoe, after a few years of straying from Brooks.

I’ve been running in skirts and shorts. It’s been YEARS since I’ve run in shorts. It’s almost like it’s 2006 again.

I’m (virtual) racing again. And actually training for these races. I wake up and look forward to getting to the park or the trail. I finally..FINALLY feel like a runner again.

And, I wanted to keep it to myself for a while.

I’ve lost weight. A lot.

At the time of this post, I’m down 4 sizes. I’ve pulled out things I haven’t been able to wear in years.

I see my collarbones again.

I see muscles again.

I’m wearing tank tops. In public. Without a second thought.

And, best of all, I haven’t lost my butt. I still have plenty and it’s in such good shape, jeans won’t won’t fit.

Waking up with a purpose to treat myself kindly each day has led to some pretty big changes.

And I wanted to keep it to myself.

I’m following a keto plan and Intermittant fasting.

I prick my finger every morning and everything. Keeping carbs below 20, max protein, and using fat only for satiety is working wonders for me. Extending my fasting window to later in the afternoon is now intuitive instead of restrictive.

I’m sleeping better. Running better. Feeling better. Thriving better.

And I wanted to keep it to myself. (Because I don’t have time for the naysayers. Mind ya business)

I’m practicing meditation

And the results have been phenomenal. If you want a quick-start, check out the book The Miracle Morning. Thank me later.

Meditation is a whole other subject, but it has definitely help me work on me. It was long overdue.

I’m happy. Deeply content.

And I’m no longer keeping it myself.