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2020 Word of the Year


adjectiveUS  /rɪˈlent·ləs/

continuing in a determined way without any interruption

This is going to be a big year. I have made some big commitments to cross off by December 31st. Taking on all of these will require a big head change and major heart change.

National Board Certified Teacher

For some strange reason, in my 21st year of teaching, I have decided to take on this multi-year endeavor to earn a National Board Certfication. The process includes 4 components with a lot of classroom video, student portfolios, profossional and personal reflection, professional development, and a lot of essay writing to explain all these things in 11pt Arial, single and double spaced. I will complete 2 components by May and begin the other 2 components next fall and finish up next spring.

Why am I bothering? The first reason is WHEN I finish all 4 components, it will mean a very substantial pay increase. Substantial enough to enable me to retire around age 55 and give me some breathing room on bringing in blogging revenue.

The other reason? Every single person I have talked to about this process has talked at length about how much of a better teacher they became through this process. That is very exciting, even though the starting process is so very daunting right now.

And last, this will just slide me right into working on my Doctoral degree, which I said back at age 21 that I would have one day. That day is getting closer and closer. Dr. Katrina has a nice ring to it.

Three 14ers in June

While working on my Boards, I need to set aside time and energy to take on some mountain summits this year. We are going to Colorado for one last time this year. Beginning next summer, we will begin branching over to the west coast and up to Canada.

Unfortunately, there are not many 14,000+ summits outside of Colorado. We chose Colorado 2020 as the year we both reach 14,000 again. Last summer, the snowiest spring meant our plans for summiting were put off since they were covered in ice.

I’m actually a little concerned we might have the same problem this year. Either way, mountain climbing training began in January.

Marathon #2

I don’t have the date on the calendar yet and it may be early 2021. I’m looking at St. Jude in Memphis or Gulf Coast, both in December. More about that as I figure out work schedules. I do know training has to begin soon.

Those are my 3 big deals for this year and any one of them would be enough to say “I had a good year”.

However, maybe it’s growing older or maybe it’s the stubborn streak I was gifted at birth.

I just feel like I can stare at my Christmas tree in December and know I kicked 2020 in the ass and lived to tell about it.

It’s about time I had a year like that.