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The week is rolling along.

I can’t believe how fast it’s moving. My teacher friends would hang me by my toenails if they knew what I was about to type:  I really need the days to slow down. We are in the home stretch before the Colorado trip and every year, I wish away the last 4 or 5 weeks. Before I know it, the trip is started and then it’s over. I love the last few weeks of anticipation and thinking about things we want to do (hike Pike’s Peak, Estes half marathon, TELLURIDE and maybe Imogene Pass) and the weather, the beauty, the FOOD, the people. While I’m enjoying these last few days with the kids, the days are flying way too fast. The last day is 13 days away.

Our last day won’t have as much pizazz as these guys experienced, but we will smile just as big.


How’s the eating thing with Weight Watchers? Well, I’m quite proud to say that I’ve been on track every day. Granted, since this is teacher appreciation week and our parents REALLY appreciate us with food and treats, I’ve dipped into the weekly points and used most of my activity points each day. But I wrote it all down and made sure I had enough points for what I wanted. I haven’t been hungry at all. As far as things I could do better, I need more water, consistency with my vitamins, and a better balance with fruit and vegetables. Some days, I had way more fruit and I know that’s because of my sugar addiction. I’m looking forward to the meeting Saturday to see how the scale responds. I think I already know that I’m going to lean towards a lower carb approach with my points. I just feel better when I cut down on them.

It’s just me and Jessica Simpson now. Rocking the weigh ins!  Congratulations to her for heaving out at 9 lb  13 oz. girl. I wonder when her 3M$ contract with WW will begin?


And in other news, I have my favorite half marathon next weekend. Am I prepared? not really. Is that going to stop me from going? Nope. I love trail races. I’ll try not to go over my debut year time of a gazillion hours and 45 minutes.

And finally, the Warrior Dash comes to Alabama! I’m signing up for the October race asap. I’ve seen many people finish these and I want to see if I can hang with them. I’m also going to register as a St. Jude Warrior so I’ll be hitting up everybody I know for couch pennies. Our sweet KB is in the final stages of her SUCCESSFUL fight against cancer and St. Jude saved her life. I have a special place in my heart for St. Jude and this is my SJ fundraiser for 2012. As long as I’m able to run/race, I plan to do 1 fundraiser a year for the Danny Thomas foundation. Much more about that throughout the summer.

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