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The return to greens and other canned tales.

This is what I call a great way to deal with leftovers.

cranberry salad

In the past, I loved making a big pot of turkey soup or turkey pot pie. But this year, I didn’t feel like fooling around with more experimenting with gluten-free pie crusts. I didn’t have a ton of things leftover except pie and cookie bars and I certainly didn’t need any more of that. What I did have was plenty of greens from the CSA basket on Tuesday. I had plenty of turkey and spiced pecans. All I needed to do was make a cranberry vinaigrette. Since this was so easy, why do I wait until a holiday to eat salads like this??

Now about that vinaigrette….this is such an easy recipe but it’s not exactly healthy.

Does this look familiar?


I didn’t use this exact can, but close. I used a can of this.

What happened is Stephen loves LOVES the canned stuff. He only gets it twice a year and he loves slices of jellied..cranberry juice cocktail. That’s all it is. Cranberry juice cocktail with gelatin. I was in the store and saw a huge display of the usual cans and just grabbed one quick before I could allow my food snobbery to take over. (We all know the real cranberry sauce is amazing, so why eat this stuff? WHY???). I obviously didn’t read the label and didn’t realize it until I was in line behind another customer who had about 10 cans of this same stuff. The girl checking her out commented “Is this whole berry stuff better than the stuff that comes out in the shape of the can?” The customer had no idea what she was talking about. She looked closer at the can and told the girl to take those off her total because she didn’t want that. She thought she was buying the regular canned sauce. I looked at my can and kept it, hoping he would like it.

It sat in the pantry all weekend. I opened it up and it wasn’t all solid canned shaped. It had whole berries and it poured out. I mixed 3 Tablespoons with 3 Tablespoons of a plain oil and red wine vinegar vinaigrette. It was a great blend of tangy and sweet! I poured it over my salad and enjoyed my leftover turkey.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the official holiday season has started! 2012 is almost over but I have a lot of Christmas spirit to spread Winking smile .