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The First Monday and CrossFit 15.2

The first Monday after Daylight Savings Time Change is BRUTAL. My alarm woke me up at 6:30 (still dark out) and I could not move. My mind was willing but my body was numb. I hit snooze a few times and finally rolled out of bed to put on pajamas to go to school for pajama day. I had a room full of cranky and sleepy kindergarteners and there is not enough coffee in this world for that.


I managed to make it through the day and the faculty meeting to discuss how to make better leaders in our kids (let them get some sleep?) and dragged my pajamaed bottom to CrossFit to get some reps for 15.2.

I’m a little sad that there wasn’t a good scaled version of 15.2. The Rx was chest-to-bar pull ups. I can’t do that so I got my 6 Overhead squats and did jumping pull ups and did the workout in those rounds. I got a total of 25 overhead pull ups, but only the first 6 counted. But, I’m still on the board and still in this Open. I definitely have some concrete goals for next year!

Dinner was a huge pot of chicken soup with a bunch of random vegetables thrown in like potatoes, green beans, collards, and butternut squash. Yummy on a rainy night. I used my bone broth to start this.

2015-03-10 00.01.51

2015-03-10 01.03.33

And now I must sleep again. This time change will take some getting used to.

Happy Monday!

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