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The Divergent Workout

When the producers of the first movie in the Divergent Series brought in trainer JJ Perry, he didn’t know what he would be dealing with. According to Perry,

“I evaluated everybody right off the bat. I needed to see who was strong, who was fast, who was slow, who was flexible and who was tight.” His findings? No one had an athletic background— at all.

With only 5 weeks to get some fitness results, Perry leaned heavily on boot-camp and body weight workouts mixed with some explosive HIIT moves. He worked his subjects (They called him Sgt. Slaughter) 3 hours a day to have them movie-ready. I am in no way suggesting the same routine for us who have day jobs, but these workout tips are perfect for getting ready for tank tops, building stronger quads and glutes, and developing better balance and mobility. I may not be ready to submit my application to the Allegiant casting call this year, but this is certainly a good starting point!

divergent workout

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Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

Thursday 2nd of April 2015

Really?? None of them, not even Four, had an athletic background?! Amazing. Love the workout!