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Tell Me a Secret-Book Review

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Oh Lorna. Why can’t you just stop and smell the roses and enjoy your life? Why do you have to be so unlikeable? And why can’t I put this book down?

Lorna lives in a strictly regimented world and every minute is scheduled. This routine is her only means of coping with the guilt she carries over past discretions with Andrew. The more she can fill her time, the less chances she has to think about their past year together. However, Andrew is not her husband.

Then, a new client comes to her office. Andrew is back and she can’t stay away from him. Even though she knows she’s risking her marriage and career, she needs to know why Andrew is back and what his motives are concerning her. But Andrew is found dead and his messages are still coming to her phone.

Who knows her secrets?

WHAT A TWISTED RIDE!!! This is my first Samantha Hayes book and I can’t wait to see what she has next. This had some very anxious moments and kept me fully tuned in to see what would happen and who in the world is Nikki??  There was plenty of action, pearl-clutching, “what are you thinking???”, eye-rolling, and laughing to keep myself entertained until the end. And whoa. What an ending. I certainly didn’t figure it out earlier.

Lorna is deeply flawed and so superficial and, let’s just say it, annoying. I wanted to smack her a couple of times to snap her out of her ridiculous moments of whining and self-pity. Keeping in mind that I didn’t like the main character, I had to keep reading to see how this book ended.  Many times, I have not finished a book over an unlikeable main character. Tell Me a Secret could not be ignored. Great job, Samantha Hayes!