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Dig a little dirt

Things are moving quickly now on the land. The dirt and tree man came to dig up remove some spindly pines and lay the dirt foundation for the shop. The shop is on the schedule in the next couple of weeks.

2015-09-12 09.33.12

See that dish and power pole in the middle? Yeah…that’s where the camper/trailer will sit while the house is being built. Frankie and I just can’t wait…

2015-09-12 09.33.16

In other news, the fall season is no longer fall-ish. It’s blazing hot in Alabama lately. That means I run inside on the treadmill. Today, I got a few miles in. It made me happy. Giddy happy. Fall-in-the-south happy.

And I still try to ignore the weather by wearing my fall clothes. I soar down that river of de Nile when it comes to fall clothes. I bring them out Sept 1 and sweat and suffer until the weather catches up.

Well….it’s already here.

 2015-09-18 06.51.27

There is a big game this weekend…brace yourself.

Taco Wednesday
GAMEDAY is in Tuscaloosa!