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Is it too much to ask?

I consider myself a reasonable person. I don’t have huge expectations that are difficult to meet. I rely on the usual—air, water, sun. The rest is negotiable.

However. I must have a working Sharpie. And lately, they are failing me. Miserably.  I have cups and caddies all over the classroom full of pens, highlighters, regular makers, and Sharpies. When I need one, I usually need it 30 seconds ago so I need it to actually work.

This explosion in organization happened after 1 too many Sharpies left me hanging. I tested each one, tossed the losers, and re-distributed the working ones back to their respective locations in the classroom. Last count, I had 7 baskets, each containing writing utensils, scissors, sticky notes, staplers, white out, hole punchers, and staple removers. My classroom is finely tuned machine. I can’t trip over kids to find a pen or stapler.

2015-09-15 12.43.53

This mad search for organizational peace is not limited to school supplies. I find myself in this frenzy when it comes to blogging, cooking, meal planning, house organization, running, CrossFit, and the list moves on. I deal with the lack of order, the piling deadlines, the inability to get my ducks in a row until I reach a breaking point and have to fix whatever is broken (figuratively).

I feel like, finally, I might be in this place. Or at least moving farther away from the chaos. Little by little, I’m watching things fall into place.

Happy Tuesday!