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Sweet Victory


The front page of the Tuscaloosa News.

It was a great night and after the first half, when I spent my time stress eating junk food and biting hangnails, I really enjoyed the game! I was beyond irritated at every ESPN commentator showing their bias for LSU and the blatant Bama hatred, but the best team won and won big. I never dreamed it would play out the way it did. Shutout. Domination. That’s crazy in an SEC game. Both teams allowed very minimal touchdowns and yards to their opponents all season. Even in the game we lost with LSU, the stats were so closely matched. I was expecting a death crawl for both teams and a who-can-outlast-who until the final seconds. I really think they were not coached well in the past 3 weeks. They looked so much better during regular season. But it looked like they were hanging on to arrogance and wishes during the 4 week break. The team on the field last night was not the same team that dominated all season. I blame the coach for that.

Before the game, I came home to get some tailgating grub ready. And none of it is healthy. But, at least I got 2 new boxes to put away to wrap Christmas presents! I believe that’s a tradition that goes back before my time. How long has Velveeta been around?? Christmas morning is not complete without someone opening a velveeta box. And since my mother started this many years ago, my sister and I have made sure to keep it going.

Anyway..nothing says championship football food like Rotel cheese dip. For anybody who hasn’t heard of this, take the fake orange cubes of goodness, melt in the microwave or crockpot with 1 can of Rotel brand tomatoes with chilies. I added some hot ground sausage for an extra kick of flavor. I didn’t make this all season because I know me. I’ll eat way too much of it. But for a big group of people, I don’t mind investing (yes…investing in fake cheese. 7 bucks a box) in this appetizer. Besides, I might not make it again between now and Christmas. I need the boxes 😉


I wish I had pictures of the spread we had. Chili, cheesy bread, barbque boston butt, beer cheese, chocolate cobbler, and cookie bars. Like I said..I found way too many “finger foods” to nibble on without fail during the first half.

It’s hard to believe Alabama did it again. And now to enjoy the victory until it all starts over September 1, 2012 when we play Michigan at Cowboys Stadium. Roll Tide and Ttown…Never Down.

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Wednesday 11th of January 2012

Domination....My new favorite word! Yes! It was so perfect how the game turned out! The broadcasters were really getting on my nerves, and wearing yellow ties....I mean really? Even the girl interviewing the coaches had on a purple top. Oh well, their blatant rudeness didn't stop the TIDE and the BEST team won, and won BIG! Whooot! ROLL TIDE!!! How many days til Sept 1 ? (lol)