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Summer slow down

This is basically a big chain of random stuff from the past 3 days. After returning from Montgomery, I crammed a lot of resting and coughing in between working in the classroom, salsa-making, and eating ALL THE THINGS. I did get in 3 at-home CrossFit workouts and 2 leisurely running workouts. I have a long long way to go to being back to racing shape. But I’m not panicking yet.

Here is my “before”. I hope to have the “after” completed a week from today. My goal is to have the room completely organized, decorated, and set up for 25+ kiddos by Friday 3pm. Teachers start back Monday, August 4 and I want the room 100% DONE before then. Our days Mon-Wed. are for inservice, listening to stuff that doesn’t matter, and Open House. No time for actual classroom work. So if teachers want to have their furniture in the room and working computers and room to hold kids, they have to come in days before (unpaid) and do it themselves. Yeah. They don’t put that info on the Intro to Elem. Ed 101 syllabus.

What you do not see are 3 huge organizing projects that are behind the counter curtains, the cubby shelves, and the bookshelves. I will need 1 full day on each project which will leave me 2 days to put out all the furniture and decorate/put up the wall stuff.



Back to school means 1 very important thing. Back to ALABAMA FOOTBALL! I got my greedy little hands on an early copy of the Media Guide.

2014-07-23 19.02.26

And here is a name to remember. I’ve watched this young man grow up. He and his family are good friends of ours from church.  He’s a true freshman and we expect great thing from “Keithie”/ “Keith Lee”. We are already lining up tickets to as many games as Stephen’s work schedule will allow.  Roll TIDE!!

2014-07-23 19.02.05

Dinner at some point..steak/potatoes. My favorite meal ever.


Breakfast one morning. My favorite summer breakfast.


Next on the summer adventure list is the boat shed Stephen 3 full days. It is slanted like its supposed to be but the angle of the pic doesn’t show it.


I decided to put forth some effort into something productive. I made salsa. A LOT of salsa.



2 Crock pots and 1 stock pot full of the stuff.


Insomniacs unite!
Sweet Home Saturday