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Summer loving.

I love many things in the summer. I do love the current weather, however it is not loving me. This morning, I didn’t feel much better and in fact, felt like the warning signs of sinus infection were back again. It seems this beautiful fall-like weather brought in whatever weed, tree, grass stuff that sets me off in September. I decided that sitting on the back porch might help a little. Maybe. Stephen decided to whip up a shed for his boat and he has 3 days to do it. If I decide to whip up a pie, it could take 3 days to get it accomplished. Obviously, we do great things at our own pace.

2014-07-16 11.45.10

Maybe food will help things in my head and chest settle down. Basic frittata of eggs and potatoes with some pepper jack cheese. I was feeling bad and didn’t have the enthusiasm for fresh berries.

eggs potatoes

While breakfast was cooking, Frankie kept an eye out for the FedEx man. Which is a good deed because while I like to keep my Erin Condren crazy on the low down, my FedEx man is prepared for the tackle at the door when I know he’s got an EC package for me.


A quiet growl from Frankie..


And nobody got hurt in the handing over of this.

ec package

Covers for my planner! Unfortunately, I love my current cover that I had custom-designed. These might be used as dividers until I’m ready to change the cover.

ec cover 2

ec cover beautiful reasons

ec cover platinum turquoise

At some point, sleeping on the couch led to making salsa. I have no idea why. I still have this massive list of major housecleaning that I’m working through, but salsa seemed important.

Making salsa is different every time I make it. I do have a base recipe here but I just chopped and blended until I got the taste and consistency that we like. We love finely chopped restaurant-style salsa.

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salsa 3


salsa 2

salsa 5

salsa 4

The main ingredients that I used:

  • tomatoes (for 2 quart jars, I used 13 tomatoes)
  • 2 jalapeños
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 onion
  • juice of 2 limes
  • big hand full of cilantro
  • sea salt
  • cumin, chipotle, ancho chile powder, cayenne. OR use Penzey’s Salsa Seasoning

1. Remove core from tomatoes, then chop in big chunks. Cut peppers in half, smash the garlic to remove skin, cut onion in 4 big pieces. Throw it all in the blender. If you need to add more tomatoes, make 2 batches. In the first, put the other ingredients with a few tomatoes and  pour into big stock pot. Blend 2nd batch of tomatoes and pour into stock pot. Stir it all together.

2. Let it come to low boil, immediately lower heat to simmer until desired consistency. The more it simmers, the more water cooks out and the thicker the consistency. Taste and salt/season as needed.

3. Remove to jars. I am not preserving these since I only made 2 jars and they will be gone in 2 weeks. If I were preserving, I would freeze in quart freezer bags.

Back to couch I go. I’m about done with this summer sickness.