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March Get Stuff Done

2018 Get Stuff Done

March is the beginning of spring. That means, for some people, they get the urge to clean all the things. Considering I still have 2 full-sized bedrooms still full of moving boxes, I need to punch a ticket for that cleaning train.

March is also the beginning of the Yellow Snow of the south. Pollen. March tries to kill me slowly. Every. YEAR.

And finally, March is my birthday. Celebrations will happen. Shopping will happen. Food will happen. I regret nothing.

The list for Marc h and it’s a big ol’ repeat of February since February was the month of nothing;


  • Clean 2 bedrooms. I need a functioning guest room. That came in quite handy when both of us were sick. But I had to crawl over boxes and clutter to get to a spare bed. Also, my office/training room is so full of stuff, there is very little productivity going on. I have spring break coming up and those days are going to be busy with FINALLY getting this brand newly-built house in order from loft to garage.
  • Put up Christmas dishes. Yes, they are still out. The mug cabinet is still festive. I need to start my Rae Dunn collection and bring my bowls out.


  • More recipes! I hope to get in 2 a week, with the focus back on Paleo and Keto. Spoiler alert: The only difference between my paleo recipes and keto recipes is dairy—cheese, heavy cream, and butter. That’s it. Paleo is still more of a foundational, ancestral, sustainability mindset. Keto is strictly dietary.
  • Specific book posts on the book page. I have really taken off with the reading challenge and I’m enjoying the book reviews on goodreads.


  • Meal prep after spring break. I’m feeling so much better and I need to get back to real food instead of living off coffee and bacon. Not that there’s anything wrong with coffee and bacon. I just might need some green things here and there.


  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville is coming up in late April. I have 6 weeks. But running is not going that great with multiple rounds of flu and pneumonia. I’ve backed my goal to finishing the darn thing. One day, I would like to set an actual PR goal.
  • Strength: I have a few options for this. Morning boot camp at the gym. My own at-home workouts upstairs in the loft with weights. The weight room at the gym, depending on the crowds. I’m not fighting meat heads and pink barbell Instabunnies for a squat bar. Someone will get wig-snatched and it won’t be me.

March is going to be busy. Stick around because you know it won’t be all rainbows and naughty leprechauns.

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