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Save a Pair, Save a Life


This past Saturday was our CrossFit Breast cancer fund raiser, Barbells for Boobs. Our box raised over $1,000 for Mammograms in Action. This program is strictly for funding preventive screenings and tests including biopsies. It is for those who are left out of the parameters of most insurance companies.

Many insurance companies will not pay for mammograms for women under a certain age.  Mine didn’t. Thank goodness I had an outstanding doctor who used other tests and was extremely proactive. I saw my doctor on a Friday, had an ultrasound on Monday, saw the surgeon on Thursday and surgery on Friday. I had my answer in 7 days and was able to breath a huge sigh of relief. I didn’t have to wait months going back and forth fighting over a mammogram. But not everyone is so fortunate. MIA is one of the few programs that fund cancer screening and tests. Once diagnosed, there are many resources available for support.


The workout is “Grace” which is 30 clean-and-jerks. You take the bar from ground to overhead each time. We had a fantastic turn out for a smaller affiliate like Northridge CrossFit.  We had a great time talking to those we don’t get to see often due to schedules. The early morning crew and the night time crew got to share stories and cheer each other on. It was a beautiful morning in our new gym and a few more women will have access to breast cancer tests.


grace2 grace3 grace4 grace5