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FLU-tastic Tuesday

Good morning from the land of track marks on our arms. I saw on Facebook that the daughter of one of our teachers had the flu. I was really suprised because I was thinking it is early for that. But, it IS October and in my ridiculous giddyness for all things pumpkin, fall, fireplaces, sweaters, etc, I forgot that the flu likes to make an appearance in October as well. 

I was off work yesterday for a NON-FLU doctors appt and missed the frenzy for fllu shots at school. We usually have flu clinic at school but our date is not until November. By the time everybody got back to school yesterday, the misery had spread like wildfire. Stephen came home last night and said he wasn’t feeling well. The very last time he said that he had the flu. We shook a lot of hands and enjoyed a lot of time with relatives and at church yesterday so it is possible he’s sick. I feel like a million bucks so I’ll get my shot this year…against my better judgement. I do not have a great record with that thing.  I also need a shot for Sitonmybutt-itis. Because that is all I want to do after school today. 
Look what I found in the pantry. Yeah, a GIANT problem if I come near that. 🙂  Stephen loves a good pb sandwich when he goes fishing. He has been extremely supportive of the frustrations at times with eating gluten-free and I had to laugh when he smuggled this in. 
Yes that is a bag full of olives. I’m craving salt, apparently. Oh and that potato soup is outstanding. Recipe soon!
Pumpkin spice coffee. Its good…but not as good as Jamaican Me Crazy. But it’s caffeine. I won’t complain. 
One more day until the new gym opens!!! 
Long run this afternoon, after I get my shot. I’ve got some new tunes I want to check out while puffing and sweating. One country and one not-so-country. 
Wobble and Cruise (the “windows down” song). Great combo!! 🙂