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Savannah and Hilton Head Island

After the race, we walked the mile back down to the docks to get on the ferry back to the Convention center. After a half-marathon, a beautiful mile walk down the streets of Savannah was icing on a very good day.

The first priority was finding some food! Stephen has always wanted to go to The Lady & Sons to try their famous fried green tomatoes. Since we had to walk right past the restaurant, it was time to cross this off his list. I got the philly steak (no bread, obviously) and more cheese grits. Mine was GREAT!! He wasn’t thrilled with his FGT.

savannah 6savannah 7

Downtown Savannah and down by the docks are beautiful. I love the cobblestone streets. There is an old world historical vibe to this city and it’s loaded with charm.

savannah 9

savannah 8

2016-11-05 13.04.08

2016-11-05 13.04.27

We got back on the ferry and rode across to the Convention and Trade center, where we parked earlier. Parking and ferrying across the river is such a great idea if you hate driving in traffic downtown.

2016-11-05 13.12.32

savannah 10

2016-11-05 13.19.43

After we got back to Hilton Head Island, nothing sounded better than toes in the sand after a hard race. This is how we love to do racecations.

2016-11-05 15.54.42

2016-11-05 15.54.00

savannah 11

Post-race ice cream stop. This is non-negotiable. I love my post-race ice cream.

2016-11-05 17.38.33

2016-11-05 17.38.37

3 scoops of various things with sauces galore. I ate half and saved the rest for after the ball game.

2016-11-05 17.40.14

The other big part of this Saturday is the LSU-Bama game. 2 years ago, we were here in Hilton Head Island. I didn’t race, but we did watch the game. It was a nailbiter. In fact, I had already thrown things and stomped to bed thinking we lost. Stephen had to call me back because the game wasn’t over. We went into overtime and came back and WON the game.

This year, we were prepared. We bought our traditional game-day food—nachos. We had our various shirts in case we needed to make a wardrobe change. We had our favorite places to sit. Me on the couch, him stalking and hovering.

The game was boring.

This is all we kept screaming.

2016-11-05 19.59.37

We won. And that’s all the matters. No nail biters, no thrown items, no blown blood pressures.

Saturday in Savannah. Can’t beat it! Roll Tide.