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Goodbye, Hilton Head Island


One more sunrise on the beach.

savannah sunrisesavannah sunrise 3

savannah sunrise2

We packed up everything and started the drive back to Tuscaloosa. This vacation was exactly what we needed. 2 years ago, we were dealing with personal loss and he was about to have major shoulder surgery that would leave him out of work for 12 weeks. This year, we are in a great place, personally and about to start building a house. November is going to be a very busy month and the holidays are my favorite time of year. This trip was a great reset for us both. We drove in listening to Dave Matthews Band with the sunroof wide open and we are leaving listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra wearing sweatshirts. Hello fall weather!!

2 years ago, I posted this picture.

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Today, I’m posting this one.

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Mission accomplished.

Happy Sunday!

Savannah and Hilton Head Island
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