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Deck the RV halls

RV holiday 7

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, I had 5 Christmas trees, various mantles, hallways, arches, tables, porches, cabinets, and a cat bathroom decked out in as much greenery as I could stand. When I packed everything up last year, I was 99% sure we would not have our house construction complete and would not need all the boxes of Christmas cheer. We packed them carefully and stashed them on the highest shelf in the shop.

RV holiday 13

Throughout this year, we collected ornaments, as usual, during our travels. I thought I might find a small table-top tree to use for our few travel ornaments. I knew space would be VERY limited and I was determined to be content with a small table tree and a mug or two.

all fired up3

And, we continued with our ornament tradition, knowing they might not get displayed until next year. These are clay-fired and heavy and I wasn’t going to trust them on a shaky small tree.

RV holiday 22

But, I was delusional if I thought I could let the holidays pass without decking some RV halls. I threw my good intentions out the slide window and I went shopping!  With a 2300 square foot house in the works, I have no doubt I will be able to use all this next year.

RV holiday 23

2016-12-06 10.49.17

RV holiday 2

RV holiday 12

RV holiday 5

RV holiday 10

My “style” has always featured natural greens, berries, pine cones, reds+greens, lanterns, firewood. I like natural containers like glass, galvanized metal, baskets. I like textures like burlap and cotton. I love the holiday plaid. The trend in many stores includes the truck with the tree on top. I am stocking up on those items and camper/rv ornaments.  The more clichéd, the better Smile 

RV holiday 16

RV holiday 20

Just because we eat with camping utensils doesn’t mean I can’t make it festive.

RV holiday 3

My mug collection is legendary. And every mug is wrapped in layers of bubble wrap. I found 4 mugs over the past couple of weeks that I will use daily. All coffee/chocolate/toddies must be savored in a holiday mug.

RV holiday 4

Small counter space, but I love having a hot chocolate station handy.

RV holiday 9

RV holiday 14

Deer? Why not? We live in the country and deer prance in my backyard. Plus, Rudolph has a special place in my childhood viewing memories.

RV holiday 6

rv holiday 15

Christmas 2016 in the RV is going to be a blast!

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